Government Planning To Offer Scooter License For 16 Year Olds

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The Indian Government has received a bill from the Road Transport and Highways department. The proposal is being discussed to allow a driving license for gearless scooters only to individuals over 16 years. Several recommendations and suggestions are being accepted.

Youth of India can apply for a license after they turn 16 years old. They will only be able to ride gearless scooters below 100cc. The Indian Government also plans to fit these gearless scooters with speed governing devices.

Once the Indian Government passes this new rule, expect new gearless scooters to be introduced in the country. Currently, TVS Scooty Pep Plus is the only gearless scooter under 100cc. All-new and youth-oriented scooters could be introduced to attract buyers.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has also confirmed that several transport vehicles will also need to be fitted with speed governing devices. A maximum speed of 80km/h will be set as a standard for all transport vehicles plying on Indian roads.


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