Government Appoints Panel To Redesign Helmets & Make It Smaller

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The Indian government has appointed an expert panel to redesign helmets sold in India. The government wants to make smaller helmets that fit Indian head sizes, and also that suit the tropical weather in India.

The current helmets sold in India are built accordance with European standards, which make them a bit bulky and 'stuffy' according to a few. But the most important factor is the lack of size, which is too big for Indian sizes.

The new panel will also set standards for helmets made for children.

The panel will be headed by joint secretary (transport) and have as members representatives from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and helmet manufacturers association. The Panel will also consist officials from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Two-wheeler safety and road safety is becoming a big concern in India and most Indians are not educated enough about wearing a helmet and the role it plays in safety. A major portion of Indians also struggle to get the right helmet size.

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Helmets should fit a person's head like how a woolen cap should. It should fit tight, but again not be too tight. The lack of sizes available make people settle for the closest size available, which does not fit the rider or pillion right.

Most road accident fatalities occur in spite of the rider wearing a helmet because it either does not fit them well or they do not meet required standards. A wrong size helmet is as dangerous as not wearing a helmet at all.

The government has taken a very good step and we only hope things come into effect soon.

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