French Government Makes Gloves Mandatory For All Two-Wheelers

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The Indian Government is making helmets for two-wheelers and seat belts in four-wheelers compulsory. Now, French Government has realised that majority of their citizens understand the value of a helmet.

Across France now, any individual riding a scooter or motorcycle will have to use gloves. It is now, compulsory to wear gloves across France for both riders as well as pillion. The new law will be imposed across France from November 20, 2016, onwards.

france mandatory gloves

Wearing of gloves will reduce the possibility of serious injuries to the hands, wrists, and forearms. In a motorcycle accident the first instinct is to use the try and land on the hand. Following this process could seriously injure individuals if riding/safety gloves are not worn.

Officials from the French Government confirm individuals will be fined who do not wear gloves while riding motorcycles or scooters. A penalty point will also be applied to an individual's driving license. Maximum fine worth 68 Euros or Rs. 5,000 equivalent in India will also be levied.

Safety equipment/riding gear should never be made compulsory. Rider and pillion should be knowledgeable whether they need to or not to use a helmet, jacket, gloves, and other protectors. It is only after you have a major accident that an individual realises he needs to invest in better safety/protective gear.

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