Dakar Rally 2016 Records First Death

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The 2016 Dakar Rally has recorded its first death during stage 7. The death was a 63 year old spectator, who was instantly killed after an incident that involved French driver Lionel Baud's Mitsubishi Lancer. The accident took place at kilometer 82 of stage 7.

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According to a statement by event organisers, "Baud's car hit a 63-year-old man who was isolated on the race course. Once at the [accident] site, the medical service of the organisation unfortunately could only note the death of the injured person. Alerted by the organisation, the Bolivian authorities represented by the prosecution, went to the site by helicopter of the organisation in order to determine the circumstances of the accident."

French Driver Lionel Baud was running in the 52 position overall. This was the first recorded death during this years event. Earlier, during the Prologue stage, a similar incident was recorded after Chinese driver Guo Meiling crashed into spectators, leaving one in a very critical condition.

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