After Self Driving Cars, Here Comes Self Riding Motorcycle

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The hot topic in automobile industry, self driving cars, has taken a whole new level. Many companies have been testing their futuristic cars on public roads. But those were cars. So, why not a two wheeler follow the same concept? Yes, a concept version of self riding bike has been revealed, and it's called 'Cyclotron'

Cyclotron can carry two people sitting face-to-face. The design is based on the vehicle, appearing in the Sci-Fi movie Tron, and the C1 prototype vehicle from Lit motors.The concept two wheeler will use gyroscope to maintain stability, when the vehicle comes to a stand still.

The person behind this design is, Canadian engineer, Charles Bombardier, who designed this with the help of industrial designer, Ashish Thulkar. Cyclotron will be a electric bike, which has the capacity to recharge on the go wirelessly.

Cyclotron is aimed at minimising the human footprint, and has the capability of operating in all seasons, with an electric motor, powering both wheels.

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