Bikers Caught Speeding In Mumbai To Get Free Haircuts

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Over the years, officials have found out innovative ways to punish offenders. Now in an attempt to curb over speeding in Mumbai, traffic officials have decided to provide habitual offenders with a free haircut.

The reasoning for providing free haircuts is simplistically explained by traffic officials. Most bikers have fancy/trendy hairstyles and do not wear helmets because they want to show off. Recently, the Kherwadi Police arrested thirteen bikers who were speeding and were not wearing helmets.

Not all the thirteen riders were given a haircut. A local barber in the vicinity was called to provide simplistic haircuts for three to four offenders. A few of them were also charged with rash driving and endangering life or personal safety of others.

Majority of the riders were caught between Bandra and Western Express Highway. The stretch of road is famous for illegal bike races and stunt riders. Some of them ride their bikes recklessly and can put pedestrians lives at risk.

We wonder, what if more traffic officials adopt the free haircut strategy? Could we finally start wearing a helmet even if there is no monetary fine? Do share your thought and suggestions in the comment section below.

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