Two-Wheelers To Have Auto-Headlights By April 2017 In India

Two-wheelers in India to have auto-headlights by April 2017 has been confirmed. Both motorcycles and scooters will get this as a safety feature. It will be mandatory for manufacturers to provide two-wheelers with automatic headlights. The Road Transport Ministry discussed this issue with every two-wheeler manufacturer in the country. Both parties came to a consensus and will offer motorcycles and scooters with an Automatic Headlight On feature.

Several imported motorcycles sold in India, currently, already have the auto-headlights feature. Some manufacturers also provide a hazard switch button, which allows to turn on both the indicators on. The auto-headlight and the hazard light option are minimal safety features, and will not affect the cost of a motorcycle to a great extent.

In short, motorcycles and scooters will no longer have a power on/ off switch for the headlights. Instead, will feature an upper (high beam) and dipper (low beam) switch option. And, when the engine starts, the headlights will be first to come on.

The Road Transport Ministry is also looking at options to provide two-wheelers with a device, that creates an alarming sound in case of an accident. This safety feature will alert bystanders and Police officials in the vicinity, which will aid in faster help for the victim.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) has also been made mandatory on two-wheelers from April 2018. All manufacturers have to abide by the rules set by Road Transport Ministry, which is attempting to bring down vehicle fatality in the country considerably.

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