Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) For Two-Wheelers Compulsory By 2018

The road safety ministry has issued a draft notifying two-wheeler manufacturers to fit anti-lock braking system (ABS) for all models above 125cc engine, and combined braking system (CBS) for all models below 125cc engine.

Honestly, this move is appreciated, as it would cover the majority of bikes and scooters sold in India. And, we hope this draft will be put into action.

For now, the proposed date is April 2017 for fitting ABS and CBS in all new models. The existing two-wheelers however, must comply with the regulation from 2018.

anti lock braking combined braking system compulsory

How does ABS and CBS technology help?

The ABS technology prevents the wheels from locking during braking situations. Sensors are used to determine the optimum braking pressure and thus prevent the wheels from locking. Surely, this technology will help avoid fall downs, maintain better stability, and decrease the stopping distance.

CBS also called linked braking system (LBS), links the front and rear brakes on a motorcycle or scooter. Currently, Honda offers this technology on the Activa.

If our memory serves us right, the CBS technology was born from endurance races in the 70s, where the motorcycles were equipped with pedal brake CBS to reduce rider fatigue in 24-hour races.

Whether these technologies will play a vital role in the coming years, it remains to be seen. All we can say right now is, two-wheeler riders are the most vulnerable in road traffic accidents (RTAs). Last year, we lost 32,524 and 1.27 lakh persons were left injured.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

— George Bernard Shaw

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