Electric Avenue: BMW Motorrad Reveals An All-Electric S 1000 RR

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BMW Motorrad has introduced an all-electric motorcycle, based on the S 1000 RR, called the eRR electric bike. Although still an experimental concept, the BMW eRR motorcycle opens the door to a whole new world of electric drivetrain possibilities.

The BMW eRR electric motorcycle was created as a project with the help of the Technical University of Munich, with an idea to create an all-electric supersport motorcycle.

BMW has already proven to the world what the company is capable of with its Motorrad C evolution, an electric scooter. The C evolution is based on the company's conventionally powered C 600 Sport and C 650 GT maxi scooter models.

Speaking of the eRR concept, the supersport motorcycle is based completely on the S 1000 RR motorcycle, in terms of styling and design, but has an electric motor instead of a conventional internal combustion engine (petrol engine).

Specifications of the eRR electric motorcycle are still in the dark as the company has not revealed any facts or performance figures. One fact is for sure, the eRR electric motorcycle if at all sees the production line in the future — it will be one of the fastest accelerating all-electric production motorcycles.

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