Top 10 Selling Two-Wheelers In September 2015

Let's take a look at the top 10 best selling two-wheelers for the month of September 2015, comparing it to the sales from September 2014.

10. TVS Jupiter:
TVS sold 48,866 units of the Jupiter last month. A year ago, the Jupiter was not on the list at all, which means TVS has done an excellent job with the scooter.
On-road price - Rs. 63,050/-

9. TVS XL Super:
Last year, TVS sold 69,233 units and held the eighth position. However, the company managed to sell only 54,559 in September 2015.
On-road price - Rs. 34,990/-

8. Hero Glamour:
The 8th position is taken by Hero MotoCorp, with the Glamour motorcycle, having sold 55,793 units. The Glamour has climbed rankings, since, September 2014, where the company managed to sell only 51,831 units and was in the 10th position.
On-road price - Rs. 67,272/-

7. Bajaj CT:
The Bajaj CT is a new entrant to this list. The company managed to sell 59,406 units in September 2015.
On-road price - Rs. 42,733/-

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6. Bajaj Pulsar:
The Bajaj Pulsar has managed to move up the list compared to last year, in spite of selling less. During September 2015, Bajaj sold 66,765 units of the Pulsar motorcycle and in September 2014, Bajaj sold 68,706 units of the same.
On-road price - Rs. 76,940/- onward

5. Honda CB Shine:
The Honda CB Shine takes the fifth spot, having sold 69,162 units last month. A year ago, Honda registered 77,644 units. The CB Shine retains the fifth position from last year.
On-road price - Rs. 67,856/- onward

4. Hero HF Deluxe:
Hero MotoCorp's HF Deluxe retains the 4th spot. The company has registered 101,579 units in September 2015, compared to 104,250 units it sold in 2014.
On-road price - Rs. 48,220/-

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3. Hero Passion:
Hero Passion has retained its position from last year as well, having sold 1,08,395 units in September 2015. A year ago, Hero sold 107,239 units of the Passion motorcycle.
On-road price - Rs. 58,316/- onward

2. Honda Activa:
Probably the best product by Honda two-wheelers in India; however, the Activa has been dethroned as the best-selling two-wheeler in India even after selling more units this year. In September 2015, Honda sold 229,382 units of the Activa scooter, compared to 210,797 units sold in September 2014.
On-road price - Rs. 60,781 onward

1. Hero Splendor:
The Hero Splendor has reclaimed its position as the best-selling two-wheeler in India, having sold 243,188 units in September 2015. The Splendor had briefly lost its position to the Activa and now is back on track. During 2014, Hero MotoCorp had sold 234,844 units in September.
On-road price - Rs. 54,650/- onward

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