Bangalore Traffic Police Wants You To Silence Royal Enfield

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Over the years Police officials' choice of motorcycle has been the Royal Enfields. Many people also love this motorcycle and swear by it and take care of it as if it were their very own child.

Now, however, Royal Enfield motorcycles are more accessible and can be acquired easily than before. Many youngsters are also opting for these machines, which was not the case previously.

bangalore royal enfield

With younger buyers comes the obsession of making the bikes faster and more meaner. One of the most popular changes is the switching of exhaust mufflers to increases the thump of the motorcycle.

Now Bangalore Traffic Police is warning Royal Enfield owners not to change their exhaust systems. If they find your bike producing more decibels than expected, they could seize the vehicle.

Maximum limit for a motorcycle is 84 decibels, however, they found many motorcycles exceeding this limit. Recently 12 Royal Enfield motorcycles were seized in Bangalore for excessive noise pollution.

bangalore royal enfield

Traffic officials in Bangalore have also promised to take action against workshops that carry out these illegal exhaust modifications. They are also planning to impose a fine of INR 1,000 on offenders.

We would like to hear from you, what do you think? Should the loud exhausts be banned on motorcycles? Will this ban stop people from modifying their motorcycles in the country? Comment on this article with your thoughts.

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