Triumph India Offers Compensation To Street Triple Owners

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British based two-wheeler manufacturer Triumph had brought to India an array of products. These grew in popularity and posed several benefits as most models were CKD units. They had announced aggressive pricing of their products as well.

Triumph India has been in the spotlight recently due to a mistake on their part. They had provided performance figures of their UK spec motorcycles. In reality the motorcycles provided in India are the slightly detuned Brazilian and other developing market models.

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The biggest loser in terms of power figure was Triumph's Street Triple in India. In UK the same motorcycle produces 104.5 bhp, while in India it manages a merger 77.88 bhp output. Triumph India, however, had posted UK spec figures on their official site, which is misleading.

Now the British manufacturer has opted to improve its tainted image. They are providing owners with a sort of compensation. Triumph India is said to be offering Street Triple owners with three options for their motorcycles as compensation.

The three options offered to existing owners of Triumph Street Triple are:
The motorcycle can be returned to Triumph India and the owner would get an amount in return.

Owners can opt for accessories worth INR 1,50,000 and they would have to pay only INR 10,000 for it. The accessories include an Arrow exhaust, along with an ECU remapping, which will bring the performance output to 104.5 BHP. The owners will also have to accept an indemnity bond, which permits modifications on their motorcycles, which is not preferred by ARAI regulations.

triumph street triple compensation

Triumph India will upgrade the Street Triple to its max power, however, it would make the owner ineligible for any money back offer. They will also have to sign an indemnity form for the same.

Triumph India also explains that this compensation will be offered to owner, who purchased the Street Triple prior to the rectification of their website details. The British made motorcycle will continue to be sold in India with lower performance figures, compared to the UK-spec motorcycles.

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