Honda Plans To Offer Affordable Performance Bikes In India

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Japanese motorcycle maker, Honda is looking forward to offer performance motorcycles to the Indian market at an affordable price by assembling them in the country.

Honda will first start off with the CBR 650, that the company is planning to launch during the first half of 2016.

At present, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI), offer purely imported performance motorcycles to the Indian market. The price range is between INR 14 to 31 lakh. The company is looking forward to gain a strong stance in the performance biking market by offering the CBR 650 at an affordable price, pricing it under INR 10 lakh.

honda motorcycle future plan

Keita Muramatsu, the CEO and President for HMSI said, "India is still a predominantly commuter motorcycle market but we are also looking to tap the higher end, enthusiasts segment. Our aim is to make the high-end segment affordable by assembling in India."

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"We will launch our CBR650 model in the first half of next year. This will be assembled in India."

"Manufacturing smaller bikes is completely different from assembling the high-end bikes with sophisticated technologies. So, the CBR650 is our first step to gain experience of assembling such a high-end bike in India. Once we do that and depending on the market demand we may consider assembling and selling more high performance bikes in India."

Currently, the performance motorcycles that Honda offer in the Indian market are Gold Wing 1800, VT1300 CX, VFR1200F, CBR1000 RR and CB1000 R.

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