Impressing People With A Wheelie Lands 21-Year Old In Trouble With Cops

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Performing stunts does get you noticed, especially with the girls. It also draws attention from the cops as the 21-year old from Bangalore found out the hard way. 21 Year old Juber, a resident of Coles Park got himself into trouble after performing a wheelie and posted those pictures on Facebook.

Police are tracking down bikers who are performing illegal stunts on their two-wheelers and thanks to the social media post by Juber, police landed right at Jeber's doorstep to slap him with a fine. Police tracked down Juber with the help of their informants.

The Police have registered a case under Section 283 of the the Indian Penal Code (danger or obstruction in public way or line of navigation), and Section 183 (driving at excessive speed), 184 (driving dangerously), and 189 (racing and speed trial) of the Motor Vehicles Act.

The police have also asked help from citizens to provide vital information about such illegal two-wheeler riders, who can be brought to justice. Such riders don't just risk their lives, but that of other motorists also.

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