WiFi-Honk! The App That Can Warn People To Avoid Accidents

By Rajkamal

Pedestrians, carried away listening to music on their phones or too indulged with their mobiles tend to veer off the sidewalk and into a speeding vehicles path. This is a very common incident.

Now, a team from University of Missouri, Kansas City have come up with a solution - WiFi-Honk. Kaustubh Dhondge, a graduate student says the team have designed a software where you can determine if a pedestrian is going to cross the road or not into oncoming traffic and warn them.

wifi honk app alerts you on the road

The communication between the car and the person on a sidewalk is achieved through WiFi. Smartphones with WiFi connectivity send out short blasts at a regular intervals to search for wireless networks. This is useful for to give the devices the exact location of the pedestrian and the moving car.

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Operating this mobile phone app is very simple. Before setting off, the user just has to select his mode of transport, walking or driving. Once selected, the app keeps monitoring for either carried away pedestrians who are on the road or a car that is approaching a road crossing.

This WiFi-Honk can operate up to speeds of 75 mph. It also warns the driver or a pedestrian well in advance so there is a lot of time to react and get out of the way.

In the modern world of technology being introduced for safety, this mobile app is very welcome as it can be used on a larger scale and could be cheap.


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Article Published On: Thursday, July 17, 2014, 15:31 [IST]
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