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Victorinox Rescue Tool - Single Handed Swiss Salvation

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you've crashed your car in a place where the closest link to civilization is miles away? Its at that time you realise that you'll have to rescue yourself as by the time anyone else arrives it may just be a little too late.

Unfortunately, you end up injuring yourself badly as you crawl, smash and grab your way to freedom and end up getting into even more dangerous situation due to the way you struggled out.

Thankfully Victorinox may just have the solution to your problems thanks to their latest rescue tool which is designed especially to help you get out of your wrecked car without causing you any more harm. Called the Victorinox Rescue Tool, this is probably the loudest Swiss Army Knife around, thanks to that crazy fluorescent color.

A Brief History Of Swiss Perfection

However, before we take a deeper look at the Rescue tool, lets take a look back into the history of Victorinox. Founded in 1884 by Karl Elesner, the company started supplying multi-purpose knives to the Swiss Army in 1891 and patented the original Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife in 1897.

In 1909, after the death of his mother Victoria, Elesner branded his company Victoria and registered the emblem with the cross and shield as a trademark.

In 1921, the company introduced stainless steel into their products which, lead to the addition of the word inox which is the abbreviation for acier inoxydable, the French phrase for stainless steel) giving the company its present name Victorinox (Victoria+inox).

In 2005, the company became the sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss Army after buying out its only rival Wenger.

The Perfect Rescue Tool

Let's get back to the Rescue Tool shall we. The Victorinox Rescue Tool features 12 tools that together make it the perfect tool for rescuing people for EMTs and firefighters. These tools also make it easy for any person trapped inside the car to rescue themselves as well. All but one of these tools are made from stainless steel.

The first tool is a large lockable blade that can be used to remove the beading surrounding the windshield of the car which makes it extremely easy to just remove the annoying piece of glass.

However, if the glass refuses to budge, there is also a tool made specifically for smashing windows to bits.

Be sure to tape up the window with protective film and wear gloves, as this does send glass flying outwards. The tool can be used by any passenger to smash his way out of a wrecked vehicle as well.

Another way to get rid of the annoying glass is to smash holes into it using the window smasher and then cut it apart using the disc saw which can slice through shatterproof glass like a hot knife through butter.

If you're stuck inside though, the rescue tool is fitted with a concave serrated blade with a blunt end which can cut through a seatbelt with ease, freeing you to smash your way through any window.

However, all these items would be of no use if you couldn't find the Recue Tool in the first place.

To ensure you find it no matter what the lighting conditions, the handles of the Victorinox Rescue Tool are painted in a garish shade of fluorescent yellow which glows and eerie green in the darkness.

Also included in the box is carrying holster in a rather fetching red colour marred by that garish yellow again, which can be used to carry the tool around. To make things easier it slides around your belt, so that you don't have to worry about it falling off.


Also included is a reamer which can be used to make rather small holes even bigger and a Philips screw, which we're still trying to figure what to use for. Also part of the package deal are the usual Victorinox staples of a pair of tweezers and a toothpick.

The tool is useful once you're done rescuing or being rescued as well, as you can use the flathead screwdriver to open up up the screws on the crate of restoration supplies you've ordered.

The tool can be used to open up the crate as well if you're too impatient to get going. As one last and final trick, it can also be used to open up a bottle of something cold, to help you get through the painstaking job of getting your car back in shape.

DriveSpark Thinks

The Victorinox Rescue Tool is a must have for any driver as it can save you and your family or friends with you, with its variety of life saving tools and motivate you to get back on the road again as well.

Priced at just Rs. 5,310, this single handed rescue tool is a lifesaver and is something I would recommend without any hesitation to any driver looking to stay safe.

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