Valet Sets $400,000 Lamborghini on Fire

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A valet driver's adventure to show off the luxury car as he ditched his work for pleasure of driving the Lamborghini, turned sore as the car caught fire. The video showes flames from the exhaust and the 'no clue' valet is seen running around the car trying to figure out how to put out the flames.

As per an Instagram user's account, the valet tried to over-rev the car just to attract attention from the passers-by, this took place near a mall on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach's South Beach neighborhood.

Men in the video are seen trying to put the fire out, however, the car was beyond drivability. It had to be pushed away from the scene, which created 'candid moments' for the people as they clicked away their smartphones.

Lamborghini is an Italian luxury carmaker with production output of 2500 plus cars in 2014 with €469 million (2012) as revenue.

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