Taxi VS Bicycle Across Chicago With A Message

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Ever seen the movie ‘Premium Rush'? This is the real life take on it. Red Bull teams up with Nico Deportago-Carbera, who claims he knows the city of Chicago better than anyone. He also claims he is the fastest bike messenger in the world.

In our video of the day Nico Deportago-Carbera puts on a Sony Action Cam and tries to deliver a message across the city against a Taxi driver. Would you like to guess who wins in this epic battle of two-wheels versus four-wheels.

We will drop you a couple of hints, the cyclist can easily manoeuvre between traffic. The Taxi on the other hand can achieve high speeds on an open stretch. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, you will have to check our video of the day to know who wins this race.

Video Of The Day: Taxi VS Bicycle Across Chicago With A Message!

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