High-Speed Talgo Train Arrives In Mumbai — Watch It Here In 360-Degrees

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The high-speed Talgo arrived in Mumbai this morning after its final round of trials from Delhi. Even though the arrival was delayed by an hour due to the heavy rain, the train still managed to reach faster than the Rajdhani Express.

"Talgo train Trial run from Delhi to Mumbai was a great success; it recorded 50 Minutes gain from the scheduled run up to Ratlam," tweeted the Railways ministry.

The train managed to clock 180km/h on its first trial run on a different route but slowed down in Gujarat due to the rain and flooding on the track.

The Talgo aims to cut down the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai by 4 hours. It has nine lightweight compartments, which are on par with an economy flight cabin.

The trial runs will continue for the next 15 days. During the trial runs, the main objective will be to test the tracks for cruising speeds of 130 - 150kph.

Here is a 360-degree view of the Talgo train at Mumbai station.

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