Switzerland To Restrict EVs – Here’s Why

For the first time in the world, Switzerland is gearing up to restrict electric vehicles in the country as energy crises during the winter season rise.

According to a report from The Telegraph, officials in Switzerland have drafted an emergency proposal to restrict the usage of electricity if the energy crisis gets even more critical than the current situation.

Though Switzerland relies on Hydropower plants for 60 per cent of its power requirements, the energy production from these power plants takes a significant hit during the winter season. This has forced the Swiss to rely on imported energy which is on the expensive side. In fact, a decent amount of energy in Switzerland even during the summer season is imported.

Apart from that, the war in Ukraine has further affected the Swiss energy crisis as the war has contributed significantly to energy imports across all of Europe. Furthermore, Switzerland's high dependence on Hydropower has resulted in the energy crisis becoming even more worse than in other European countries.

According to reports, Switzerland's emergency plan to tackle the energy crisis can be split into two tiers - Crisis, and Emergency. Furthermore, the European country has even laid out a three-level restriction for the first tier (Crisis) and two levels of restriction for the second tier (Emergency).

This means that the officials in Switzerland will be initiating processes according to the pre-defined tiers as per the emergency plan laid out. Reports indicate that buildings in Switzerland will only be heated to 20 degrees Celsius to save power and as things get worse, electric vehicles in the country will be limited to just essential trips and sporting events are likely to get ceased during the worst-case scenario.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, the Joe Biden administration in the US has told residents of California not to charge their electric vehicles during the peak hours to conserve energy as an intense heat wave is passing through the American state. This has increased power consumption in California by a significant margin.

Thoughts About EV Restriction In Switzerland

Switzerland has always had a long history of reliance on imported energy as the country's hydropower plants cannot meet the increased energy demands during the winter season. That being said, the proposed restriction on EVs is temporary and we expect the country to soon find an amicable solution to overcome the energy crisis.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 10:13 [IST]
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