Sleep Deprived Driver Parks Toyota Innova In A Railway Station And Doses Off

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Being deprived of sleep is the worst any human can can undergo. One prime example is Rajesh Yadav, who mistook a railway station platform for a carpark, and decided to get some shut-eye.

The incident took place in Mumbai, when Rajesh, deprived of sleep and obviously very drowsy, was looking for a place to park his Toyota Innova and get some shut-eye. He saw a ramp, what looked like an entrance to a multi storey car park.

He pulled over, only to be woken up on platform 6 of Andheri railway station in Mumbai. To his bad luck, the station was already busy with people and by the time he realised, he was considered as threat.

The railway police took him away and booked him under sections 154 (Endangering safety of persons travelling by railway), 145 (nuisance), and 147 (trespassing into railway territory) of the Railway Act of 1989. The police also impounded the Innova.

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