Technology At Your Fingertips — Skoda Brings Smart Gloves To Its Factory

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Czech firm Skoda is trying to digitalise its factory by implementing innovative technology in its factory. Skoda, in its logistic wing of spare parts, introduces a new glove called as the ProGlove to its employees.

This ProGlove is designed to make daily work easier and quicker for the employee who wear these gloves. The device helps in monitoring whether correct part is used or right production method is followed.

The glove uses a scanner to analyse data, without the need of any external device. This allows parts to be scanned quickly and the process becomes as simple as hand movements. This smart glove can read codes in both, vertical and horizontal direction. Then, codes are confirmed by an activation button on the index finger, through sound or vibration.

Head of Skoda Logistics, Jiří Cee said, "Nowadays, logistics is an important economic and competitive factor which contributes considerably to a car manufacturer's success."

"At ŠKODA, we therefore continuously test cutting-edge technology in order to improve the day-to-day work of our employees. The intelligent ProGlove helps our team to work more quickly, more efficiently, and with virtually no errors."

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