Road Deaths In India Increase; Read Now & Voice Your Opinion!

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Our roads are not particularly safe and that is confirmed by the number of deaths encountered. During 2015, road accidents in India grew by five percent over the corresponding year. Approximately 400 deaths are encountered per day in the country or one per 3.6 minutes.

Uttar Pradesh recorded 17,666 road related deaths, Tamil Nadu reported 15,642 deaths, Maharashtra witnessed 13,212 deaths, while Karnataka and Rajasthan registered 10,856 and 10,510 deaths respectively during 2015.

Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, has planned to improve the infrastructure. He also promises that road related accidents will decrease significantly by 2020. The rise in road related accidents is a wake-up call for all.

In 2014, India reported 4.89 lakh accident that leads to death due to road related incident. Several initiatives were introduced across the country, however, not a positive result was achieved. We hope that road accident and deaths can be reduced during 2016.


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