The Intelligent Jugaad’s Are At It Again! Summer Brings The Best Innovation

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This year's summer temperature has reached a point of no return and the country is reeling under severe heat. People are getting innovative and looking for ways to beat the blazing sun.

The city of Nagpur is one of the hottest city in India and they did an intelligent jugaad to keep the sun away from its motorists on the road. Two wheelers especially bear the brunt the most with no AC unlike a car - what with loads of new features like automatic climate control.

Some of the authorities in Nagpur decided to give some relief to the motorists and did a clever jugaad innovation. The authorities have put up temporary shades at traffic signals, these are the green netted cloth which is used in greenhouses to protect the plants from UV (Ultraviolet) rays and sunlight.

A huge cloth is tied to poles and trees around the traffic signal and it acts a shade over the motorists who stop for the signal - at least this way there will be no-one jumping signals, in fact, everybody wants a pie out of it to stand under the shade.

Climate change has been significant in this century and we have to embrace ways to heal the destruction caused to the humble earth. Planting a tree is taken up by many, and you and I should look to the future and provide the best of the world to our future generations.

Humans are innovative and have evolved every time there has been a challenge staring at them, there have been some amazing concepts and there have other not so advisable concepts and some that are just dangerous. Browse through our gallery to see the best Indian jugaad innovation at work on automobiles.

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