Mahindra World City: India’s First Food Waste-Free City

Written By: Abijith

Mahindra World City in Chennai has claimed the title of being India's first food waste-free city by having their own green Bio-CNG plant. The Bio-CNG plant was a co-creation between Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) and Mahindra World City Developers Limited (MWCDL) and was inaugurated by Shri. Piyush Goyal, Honorable Minister of State.

The Bio-CNG plant is capable of producing 1000 m3 of raw biogas from 8 tons of food and kitchen waste. With the help of further treatment they can yield 400kg of purified CNG from enriched biogas. This process produces 4 tons of organic fertilizer as a byproduct every day.

The Bio-CNG will be used as a replacement for regular fuel in tractors, shuttle buses, and power street lights at Mahindra World City, and also help to maintain a carbon neutral ecosystem.

Given the increasing global pollution and being the pioneers of electric vehicles to creating green energy, this initiative by Mahindra is a step in the right direction towards a clean, green Swachh Bharat.

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