KTM Duke 200 Rider Stops Government Bus Being Driven In The Wrong Way — Video

A KTM Duke 200 rider and a transport bus full of passengers were involved In yet another case of road rage and classic wrong-side driving. The Incident took place in Rajasthan, on the Jaipur-Ajmer highway.

KTM Duke 200 Rider Stops Government Bus Being Driven In The Wrong Way — Video

It resulted in a loud-mouthed argument between the two parties involved and ended with the rider riding away in frustration. The word ‘frustration' and the very feel is not something new to those who regularly ride or drive on Indian roads.

Indian roads are a dangerous place to be on, be it a highway or a jam-packed urban road, be it in a car or a two-wheeler. One of the biggest dangers one can face on our highways are those driving and riding on the wrong side. Even a two-wheeler on the wrong side of a six-lane highway can be dangerous.

KTM Duke 200 Rider Stops Government Bus Being Driven In The Wrong Way — Video

One can then imagine how it must have felt when Lokesh Swami saw a large 70+ seat Tata bus coming right at him even though he was on the wrong side of the road. The video recorded by Lokesh on his helmet-mounted action camera retells the incident.

The first few seconds of the video shows Lokesh doing decent speeds on the Jaipur-Ajmer highway, astride his KTM Duke 200. Ten seconds into the video comes the scene where Lokesh's bike and the bus are in close proximity.

KTM Duke 200 Rider Stops Government Bus Being Driven In The Wrong Way — Video

While Lokesh maneuvers his bike to the side, allowing the bus to pass by, the attender/cleaner of the bus unapologetically gestures and yells at Lokesh. It only post this that Lokesh, enraged by this attitude took a U-Turn and rode in the wrong direction for a distance to overtake the bus and block him.

The unapologetic attitude from the bus conductor still continued while Lokesh kept asking him to be well-mannered. The fight ends after the bus' conductor apologises to Lokesh and then they continue on their own separate ways. The bus continued to be driven in the wrong direction and Lokesh continued with his ride while explaining why he lost his temper.

Thoughts On KTM Duke 200 Rider Stopping A Bus Driving In The Wrong Direction

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the bus driver was at fault here and the KTM rider had the rights to do exactly what he did. However, this is just one instance. There are thousands of such vehicles bring driven on the wrong side of the road in different parts of the country at any given time.

Some highways are created in such a way that U-Turns are quite distant from each other. Hence, if one needs to take a U-Turn, it would mean riding or driving a long distance. This is exactly where people make the mistake of going in the wrong direction towards the closest U-Turn, which is sometimes one kilometre away and sometimes a few feet away.

KTM Duke 200 Rider Stops Government Bus Being Driven In The Wrong Way — Video

However, irrespective of the situation, it is always advisable to avoid road rage. The video could have been very different if the bus conductor had assaulted the bike rider. One can never be too careful on Indian roads.

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Article Published On: Monday, August 26, 2019, 18:37 [IST]
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