Goan Mayor Takes A Plunge In Front Of The Media - Video

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It was just a couple of days back when newspapers across India reported that the Goan Mayor, Surendra Furtado, along with few others fell off a de-weeding machine while demonstrating it to the media. Now, the video is out.

The whole story is that the Mayor, along with other officials was demonstrating a de-weeding machine in front of the media. The only trouble was that the de-weeding machine is meant for two, and not 7.

The de-weeding machine first tips to one side when everybody loses balance, and then when people onboard are trying to get over to the other side of the machine, it capsizes completely, throwing everybody into the pond (Watch as the Mayor trips and sits on the control when being pulled from one end of the machine to the other).

We just hope the machine is still in perfect working condition, and the Mayor, we wish him a speedy recovery and request him to stick to signing off paperwork instead of field duty.

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