Chase Carey To take F1 To A Whole New Level

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Formula 1's new chairman Chase Carey said: "Bernie Ecclestone ran F1 like a dictatorship". He attended his first race at the Singapore Grand Prix. He also promised that he can take F1 to another level.

Carey said to the F1 website, "You cannot make everybody happy all the time, but you've got to understand what everybody wants and then find a path. That is not a task for a committee, as committees tend to become bureaucratic - but there also can't be a dictatorship - even if probably here they are used to it."

He added, "They need leadership, and leadership means that you create a vision to achieve the right goals for the future. Successful businesses are built on successful leadership that understands what every party wants. There have to be compromises.

"With all credit to Bernie, he's had enormous success - the world admires Bernie for the business that he has built.

"But I still think that there is another level that we can take Formula 1 to. That is the opportunity that excited me when it was presented to me."

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