Ford Vehicle Fabric Undergoes Scratch, Snag & Splash Test

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Ford develops vehicles with premium and scientific measures for consistent results. All their vehicles are developed keeping in mind the international market. Customers are extremely critical and soon to make their own perception of quality and experience with a brand.

The American automobile giant now showcases the test it puts its fabric too, which is used within Ford vehicles. Scratching, snags, and splashes are the common tests that Ford puts all of their fabrics through. Today we show you a few of their fabric tests conducted by Ford's scientists.

The interior of a vehicle goes through different abuse by vehicle owners. No matter how careful an individual is there is a possibility of mishaps occurring. Several challenges are put forward Ford's interior fabric before it can be used in any of their vehicles.

The fabric used for the interior in a Ford vehicle is stained with hot coffee, soda, and dirt. They are then cleaned thoroughly to see if the material fades and how resistant it is to staining. Efforts are taken to make sure the customer will have an interior that will stand the test of time.

Engineers have developed machines that simulate scratching over the fabric. This can normally occur owing to nervous people using their nails on the fabric. Ford also presumes that sharp objects could scratch fabric and their interior fabric should be able to cope with the challenges.

The odour is a major concern within the vehicle and no one likes a smelly car. When vehicles are parked out in the sun, sometimes they could give out a particular odour, which can be annoying for a few. Ford engineers make sure that the odour is as neutral as possible. Take a look at the video and explore the other parts as well tested.

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