Ford EcoBoost Engine Powers Hot Wheels Rip Rod

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American automobile giant, Ford has built its world famous 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine. They offer this engine in India as well in their hugely successful EcoSport compact SUV model. This engine produces 123 bhp, along with 170 Nm of peak torque.

This EcoBoost engine when tuned and modified by Ford Racing Team can achieve much more than the street legal model. Today we have the Bandito Brother that have worked with U.S.A and Europe Ford racing team to prepare their engine, which will power the Hot Wheels Rip Rod.

In our video of the day see the true potential of Ford's EcoBoost engine. We have found the Hot Wheels Rip Rod, which was showcased at 2013 SEMA at Ford stands. See how this Hot Rod accelerates and drifts with relative ease.

Video Of The Day: Ford EcoBoost Powers Hot Wheels Rip Rod!

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