Ferrari Forces Nissan GT-R Off-Road Into An Accident

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Ferrari builds some of the best looking and performance supercars in the world. Nowadays several individuals are buying exotic cars, because they can. This does not mean they are responsible or even capable of driving power packed supercars.

Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan also produces a supercar of its own and it is called the GT-R. It is among the best and is a popular vehicle among street racers, as it is affordable when compared to Italian supercars.

In our video of the day we have two supercars racing and getting into an accident. According to us we think the Ferrari and Nissan GT-R were racing against each other. The owner of Ferrari can be seen swerving between traffic and jumps into the Nissan GT-R's lane.

The owner of Nissan GT-R is pushed towards the outside off-road, at a very high speed. This causes him to lose control. It is completely the fault of the Ferrari owner who pushes him out. Luckily these two supercars do not crash, however, the Nissan spins out and causes an accident with another vehicle on the road.

Video Of The Day: Ferrari Forces Nissan GT-R Into An Accident!

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