Malaysia: Ferrari F430 Goes Up In Flames

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Owning a sports car makes a person famous. It can even get you in the news for may be owning something really unique, or just an accident.

That is exactly what happened to this poor chap in Malaysia.

What looked like a regular day turned disastrous. This person who owns a Ferrari F430 was driving his car and somehow ended up in rush hour traffic.

Ferrari F430 Goes Up In Flames

If that wasnt enough, the car caught fire and within minutes, it was totally engulfed in flames, beyond any repairing possibilities.

Although the cause of fire is still unknown, fuel leak or the car overheating could have been the possible reason.

The fire brigade was called and by the time they got to the situation, which took them 17 minutes, the Italian beauty was totalled.

There is no news about injuries of the occupants of the Ferrari F430. That Ferrari is one big loss.

Looking on the brighter side, Ferrari on the other hand has unveiled its latest car, the successor to the Italia 458, the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Video: Ferrari F430 Goes Up In Flame
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Story first published: Friday, February 6, 2015, 13:01 [IST]
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