Here's A Study About The Effect Of Noise Pollution On Traffic Police

Written By: Vishnu

Traffic noise is probably the most rigorous and common types of noise pollution. Studies say that the average stress suffered by a traffic cop is 50 percent higher than any other employee. Traffic cops are trained to deal with stress.

The cops go through a de-stressing and medical programme every month. Senior Police Officer says, "The effect of noise on their lives is not something anyone bothers about."

Cops cannot plug earphones while controlling traffic on the road. According to a study, cops are exposed to the noise level of 105 decibels each day, which is equal to hearing a train horn from a distance.

There is no data on hearing loss among Delhi's traffic policemen. But Dr. WVBS Ramalingam, head of ENT at BLK Hospital, revealed that in his survey of traffic personnel in Pune, he found about 75 percent had difficulty hearing at low volumes. "

Doctors recommended that all policemen on roads should wear ear muffs.

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