Dangerous Riding On Highway Caught On Camera

By Sukesh

Riding or driving on an Indian highway is one of the most challenging tasks as you never know what lies ahead. Out of nowhere, a pedestrian may cross the road, or a rider might take a sudden wrong turn.

Here is an incident where stupidity is taken to a whole new level. And the interesting fact is that this incident happened on the same NH7 highway, where a KTM rider allegedly crashed into a child and resulted in the death of the 11-year-old girl.

Dangerous Riding On Highway Caught On Camera

The rider who captured the entire incident is riding a Yamaha FZ16 and is cruising at around 80km/h to 90km/h, which is well above the speed limit. Suddenly out of nowhere, an idiot on a commuter motorcycle comes riding in the opposite direction, that too in the middle of the highway.

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    Dangerous Riding On Highway Caught On Camera

    It is usual for bikes and cars to maintain speeds of above 100km/h on such highways. If at all the idiot rider had collided with the oncoming traffic, the consequences would have been horrific. Fortunately, the rider narrowly misses the Maruti Dzire, which was on the right lane of the highway.

    Dangerous Riding On Highway Caught On Camera

    It is a common sight to see local people taking the wrong turn on bikes and scooters on the highway to avoid riding for long distance to take U-turn. Most of such riders often ride on the shoulder of the road. But this idiot decided to ride in the middle of the highway, putting his and others lives in jeopardy.

    Dangerous Riding On Highway Caught On Camera

    Bikers should be extra careful when riding on highways as you will encounter many stupid riders on the road.Never get into road rage with the local people as it can be dangerous. Refrain from doing high speeds and always slow down when approaching a junction or a village.

    Dangerous Riding On Highway Caught On Camera

    To be on the safer side, it is better to stick to the speed limit, even though it may be boring at times. Never race on highways and combined with stupid riders coming out of nowhere, the consequences can be horrific. And lastly, always opt for the motorcycles with safety features such as ABS. During panic braking, ABS can save your life.

    Dangerous Riding On Highway Caught On Camera

    DriveSpark Thinks!

    We have often seen local riders riding on the opposite side of the highway, but on the shoulder of the road. In this video, the stupid rider comes right in the middle of the road, when the vehicles are travelling at high speed. It was fortunate that the rider didn't cause an accident. This video is a prime example of why you should be extra careful on the Indian highways.

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