Car Insurance Renewal: The Real-World Scenario

As long as you have a vehicle, car renewal is an ongoing process. Renewing your car insurance may seem like a tedious job, which is why many vehicle owners end up lapsing their policies.

In reality, renewing your car insurance is relatively easy. Here is a breakdown of the real-world scenario.

If your insurance has not lapsed, all you have to do is go online, visit your insurance provider's website and fill in the online form with the required details like the vehicle's engine and chassis number, year, make, etc.

If there is a delay in renewal or the policy has lapsed, fill in the same required details, and wait for the insurance company to come by and inspect the car. The vehicle will undergo an inspection for damages and verification. Once the inspection is over, the insurance company will help you with further steps. Also, if the insurance is being done within 90 days from expiry, you can request for No-Claim Bonus (NCB) if you haven't made previous claims for your vehicle.

Once you fill in the required details, you will get a quote for your vehicle. Some websites offer multiple quotes from various insurers so that you can pick the best deal. You can also view a break up of the policy amount and chose if you want to protect any additional accessories.

The entire process of renewing the vehicle insurance is paperless when done online. And, if the vehicle needs no inspection, then it takes only a few minutes. Payments are safe, and the whole process is quick. In case you've any doubts, you can always call your insurer's helpline for clarification.

So don't think car insurance renewal is a tedious job and get your vehicle insurance renewed now. Better late than never.

steps to renew vehicle insurance
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