BJP Officials Use Horses & Cycles For Odd/Even Scheme

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Odd/Even vehicle scheme is ongoing in the capital city of Delhi. Now BJP officials have found innovative ways to express their stand on the scheme. Clearly BJP officials in Delhi are not big fans of the Odd/Even vehicle scheme.

Recently, Paresh Rawal, BJP Member of Parliament violated the Odd/Even scheme blatantly. He made his way to the Parliament in an even numbered vehicle on an even day violating the scheme. Paresh Rawal extended his apologies to Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister.

Ram Prasad Sharma, BJP, Member of Parliament, rode a horse during the Odd/Even scheme. Manoj Tiwari, BJP, Member of Parliament, also followed similar suit and made his way to the Parliament riding a cycle. It is unclear if they are mocking the scheme or not, you be the judge of that.

Paresh Rawal also posted on his Twitter account a picture of the challan. Odd/Even scheme fine is Rs. 2,000 from the image and the BJP official has paid the fine. In a way, it is good to be seeing our politicians also stepping up and paying for fines.


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