Alcohol Industry To Benefit By $100 Billion Due To Autonomous Cars: Report

Written By: Irwin Mills

Today, the alcohol industry has been hit hard by drunk-driving laws in countries such as China and Scotland, according to a research note by Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas and his team.

But, that can all change quite soon, as autonomous cars could boost the alcohol industry by $100 billion when they become mainstream.

Chances are there that self-driving vehicles will enable people who said no drinks in the first place because they had to drive home, to now consume alcohol or at least one alcoholic beverage.

Morgan Stanley's prediction, however, depends on only if the legislation allows drivers/ passengers after consuming alcohol to board the autonomous vehicle. Imagine, a sober driver-less car with a drunk passenger!

According to Morgan Stanley researchers, the presence of driverless cars will be more beyond 2025, which in turn gives a significant opportunity for the alcoholic beverage market.

Also, the researchers believe that drivers could consume even more than one extra drink per week if they have easy access to car-sharing services such as Uber, Hertz, etc.

Meanwhile, let's not forget, driving while intoxicated is a significant problem across the world. In 2014, nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States was alcohol-related.

How do you go about your late night parties? We suggest, car-sharing services or ring up that best friend who never drinks and drives -- we all have that one friend right?

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