Audi Q3 Parking Challenge Unveiled

German luxury car manufacturer builds exquisite vehicles, however, it was always a challenge how to showcase its prowess in a commercial. This time Audi has take their Q3 SUV and showed how it can be a true off-road machine in any situation.

They have taken an urban situation where finding parking space is difficult. But if you have an Audi Q3 and a little imagination no task can be too big, claims the German manufacturer. Here is a video by Audi Canada of what you should try when others do not park their vehicles properly.

During the parking challenge you can see how the Audi easily gets two wheels on the adjoining wall and parks itself in a tight spot. We really wonder if someone would be try this stunt themselves with their brand new SUV.

If you think Audi really allowed a stuntman to attempt this stunt you are highly mistaken. The German manufacturer is kind enough to show how they have really performed this parking challenge. For a change we appreciate a manufacturer's honesty of showing how a stunt was performed.

The Q3 was tipped on two wheels using a forklift, it was then fitted with extra wheels to maintain balance on two wheels. Here is the video and you can see for yourself the stunt as well as how it was performed. We got to admit if Audi had not provided the supporting video, we would have believed that the stunt is very much possible.

Video: Audi Q3 Parking Challenge Unveiled!

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