Drone Ambulance Concept By Agrodesign

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Agrodesign, a company that usually works in partnership with software companies has decided to venture into life saving services by designing a drone ambulance concept.

The company, based out of Austin, Texas has come up with this clever idea that can speed up emergency support and that can offer quick treatment for road accidents.

agrodesign drone ambulance concept

According to Mark Rolston, the Founder and Chief Creative Officer, extensive interactions with companies revealed that many companies manufacture small drones for consumer applications like Amazon using drones to deliver goods.

unmanned ambulance service

So the whole design team sat and thought about what other applications can the drone be used for that can solve problems, when this struck their mind.

agrodesign ambulance concept

The drone will not need a pilot at the scene, which makes it quicker to respond and take off. Since it takes to the sky, there is no traffic hassle so it can reach faster than a traditional ambulance.

drone concept ambulance

The size of the drone is to its advantage as well since it is only as big as a small car, so it can land on the road to attend traffic accidents, while a helicopter will need loads of planning to approach the same area.

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