Speedtrap Catches 79-Year-Old On A 236 KM/H Joyride At Midnight; She Gets Charged A Year Later

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The need for speed, it seems, transcends all ages and genders. For this woman, it seems unquenchable as the 79-year-old was recently charged for speeding, doing 147mph (236 km/h).

The speed trap in Belgium caught her car speeding just over a year ago, but she was charged just last week. The reason for the delay is unknown, but the court had asked her if it was her who was driving, after which the woman admitted that it was her behind the wheel of the car.

79-Year-Old Woman Charged For Driving At 237 Km/h On Midnight Joyride

The woman was on her 236 km/h run in a Porsche Boxster GTS around midnight, and her reasoning for the same was that she could not sleep, and hence wanted to clear her head.

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    The Porsche Boxster GTS is powered by a 3.4-litre flat-six cylinder engine producing 330bhp and 370Nm. The sports car is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, and will go on till a top speed of 280 km/h. However, it is unclear whether the car belonged to the woman.

    79-Year-Old Woman Charged For Driving At 237 Km/h On Midnight Joyride

    The 79-year-old was issued a three-month driving ban, and fined around $4,600 (Rs 2.95 lakh).

    DriveSpark Thinks!

    The Porsche Boxster GTS is a capable sports car, but it is dangerous and illegal for anyone to speed on public roads, irrespective of age. There have been quite a few fast women in the world, like Carina Lima, Mira Erda, etc. who have great control over their car, and knowledge about speed and exercise this knowledge only in controlled environments.

    79-Year-Old Woman Charged For Driving At 237 Km/h On Midnight Joyride

    We feel that this old woman is lucky enough to be alive, and though she was handed a three-month suspension from driving, the more sensible judgement would have been to take away her driving license.

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