Keep Your Car In ‘Mint Condition’; Weekly Checks That You Must Do

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In the recent times, cars have gone through technological changes and most of the cars come with electronic sensors to detect any changes in the working of any of the parts in the car. However, these are checked by a qualified specialist at the service center and we do not have access to find out the details.

Here are some of the weekly must do list to keep your vehicle in the best of running conditon.

Engine Oil Level

Some of the cars tend to use a little more oil due to traffic and heat, this could be alerted by the oil lamp when it is low and it's time for fill up the oil container. You need not wait till the oil lamp starts to glow.

Checking the oil level manually is fairly a simple, all you have to do is open the bonnet and you find the dipstick that is sticking out of the engine block. You will need to pull out or unscrew the dipstick.

The dipstick has level marked on it and you need to clean it with a cloth and then dip the stick inside again. Once you remove it, the oil stain will appear on level accordingly.

Make sure the engine is cold before you perform this process and you can top up the oil with the required grade mentioned in the manual. Your car's engine could be hampered if there is low level or no oil.

Brake Fluid Level

Brake fluid is essential for safety and if there is a possible leak in brake line to the braking system, your car's brake can fail. The brake fluid container is found near the engine compartment with indication of levels of the fluid. Ideally it should not hit real low if you have just serviced your car, if so take it your authorised service center and get it checked or call them to take your car and avoid driving.

Coolant Level

WIth mercury level increasing every day, we tend to use the AC and the car too goes through heat and can take a toll. The coolant helps keep the engine and the car itself cool. A separate reservoir is placed under the bonnet and again has level indication, if there is a drop, you can fill it up, make sure the engine is cold while checking as a heated engine can affect the coolant reservoir and result in spraying out the hot coolant.


Check your tyre pressure every time or alternative times when you go in to fill fuel to your car. Also, check for any damage like bubbles or any metal objects that might got stuck to the tyre. With this simple checks you can avoid any untoward incidence.

Any Leakage Under The Car

There is a possibility of hitting some parts under the car due to a bad pothole or even jumping a speedbreaker and could lead to damage. Check for any fluid leakage when you have left the car parked for sometime. Make sure this is not water overflow from your AC line, usually the fluid leak will have some colour like an oil.

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Story first published: Monday, May 16, 2016, 16:54 [IST]
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