Nissan Could Introduce Third Datsun Product In India Sooner

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Japanese automobile giant Nissan has just launched its second offering under Datsun branding. The manufacturer now offers two products in India, Datsun Go hatchback and Go+ compact family car. They plan to introduce more exciting products soon.

At the 2014 Auto Expo in New Delhi, Datsun showcased the Go+ and their concept vehicle the Redi-Go. Now in a bid to boost the sales of their products, Nissan plans to launch a new vehicle under Datsun, to achieve their yearly sales target. We believe the manufacturer could launch the Redi-Go as a more stylish and premium hatchback for India.

datsun redi go launch

The Japanese manufacturer has set a goal of achieving 10 percent market share by 2016. So far they are a long bit off and it will be difficult to predict how much time it would take. They are thus contemplating launching another product in India to get a boost.

Datsun and Nissan also plan to grow their dealer and service network further into India. They will be taking one step at a time to achieve their goal of ten percent automobile share in India. The launch of Go and Go+ was a learning experience for the new brand in a new country.

datsun redi go features and specs

Datsun's original plan was to delay their third product till 2017, however, they are now contemplating a launch prior to that date. Their vehicles will be targeted at younger and first time vehicle buyers. They also will be shifting their focus to smaller towns of India.

Nissan currently offers the Terrano, Sunny and Micra, while the Datsun brand sells Go, Go+ and will be soon adding a third offering among their portfolio. They will continue selling their products under a single roof and will be sharing dealerships for future endeavours as well.

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