Nissan Asked To Stop Sales Of Datsun GO In India

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The Global New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) has now asked Nissan to withdraw the Datsun GO from the Indian market.

Max Mosley, chairman of  (NCAP), has demanded this via a personal letter to Nissan's CEO, Carlos Ghosn, after the car failed to pass basic safety tests, asking the company to stop sales of the Datsun GO immediately in India

The Datsun GO, in spite of recently been launched, has no structural strength at all. If met with an accident, the occupants have almost no chance of survival. Even the addition of airbags will not help due to the build quality.

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A car built in such standards will not be allowed to sell in most parts of the world like the US and UK. The safety standards in countries like them have to be a minimum four stars out of five.

Max said, "It is extremely disappointing that Nissan has authorised the launch of a brand new model that is so clearly substandard. In these circumstances I would urge Nissan to withdraw the Datsun GO from sale in India pending an urgent redesign of the car's body-shell."

He added, "Given Carlos Ghosn's responsibilities as chairman and CEO of Nissan and president of the European Car Manufacturers Association, he should now demonstrate leadership both in Nissan and on behalf of the vehicle industry generally that corresponds to the UN's legitimate expectation that automobile safety should be improved during the Decade of Action."

NCAP says that many car companies justify saying that cars meet local regulations, once they fail such safety tests.

Max is also furious with the CEO of Nissan for not replying to any of his previous letters, that outlined the drawbacks of cars sold abroad as well.

A spokesperson from Nissan has said, "Datsun GO meets minimum required local vehicle regulations in India and was developed with a strong intention to deliver the best adapted solutions to the local conditions, from best in class braking and good visibility to durability, seat comfort and reduced motion sickness - all being taken as a package aim to decrease potential risk of road accidents."

"Automotive regulation standards in fast-growing countries are constantly evolving and as a global manufacturer, we are willing to adopt as well as help evolve standards in vehicular safety standards."

The Datsun GO was the worst model tested from the Indian market, other cars are right on its tail like the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Alto 800, Hyundai i10, Ford Figo, Volkswagen Polo, and the Tata Nano.

This test is very important for vehicles sold in India because India is the world's 5th largest passenger vehicle manufacturer.

When the Volkswagen Polo failed the test initially, they immediately withdrew the car from the Indian market and reintroduced it with two airbags, which earned the car 4 stars for safety.

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