Maruti Swift And Datsun Go Fail Crash Test

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The most popular hatchback in India, the Maruti Suzuki Swift, and the entry level hatch from Datsun, the Datsun Go, have both failed the Global New Car Assessment Program (Global NCAP) crash tests.

The Global NCAP test results are to show how safe a car is when subjected to an accident. It determines how much of the impact affects the occupants in the car. The cars must be equipped with airbags and ABS for a start.

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The Maruti Swift, which does not come equipped with airbags or ABS as standard, was tested first. It scored a zero for an adult occupant and one star for a child occupant in terms of safety.

When put to the test with a crash dummy, the Swift, due to the lack of airbags, the driver suffered near fatal injuries when crashed.

The build of the Swift, disintegrated poorly and addition of airbags would dramatically reduce injuries that a driver will sustain in the car.

The Datsun Go was rated even more unsafe. When crashed, the car disintegrated quite bad. The driver and passenger sustained fatal injuries around the head, torso and legs.

The addition of airbags will not help with safety of the passenger due to the build structure of the car. The Datsun Go did get two stars for child safety because of the Child Restraint System.

Carmakers claim that airbags and ABS is not a part of the standard equipment in lower variants due to the lack of demand from people who opt for entry level cars.

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