Black Cars Banned In Turkmenistan By Customs

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Black cars have been banned by custom officials in Turkmenistan. Although the exact reason is unknown, people are encouraged to buy white cars instead because it is considered good luck!

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the President of this Central Asian country recently started using white limousines for his convoy.

Even the country's top officials and heads of the country's main media outlets were quick to follow the President and shifted to white cars.

turkmenistan automobile rules

Banning black cars is just the start of a long list of restrictions the country has. The ban includes imports of coupes, supercars, tinted windows and personalised license plates.

Rules such as these are part of routine life for everybody in Turkmenistan. Recently, residents of Ashgabat, the capital city protested against a rule that asked for air conditioning to taken off all houses because they didn't look good.

The government is also spending a huge amount trying to remodel the capital city into a white city, by covering buildings with marble stones!

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