Skoda Reaches Manufacturer Milestone With Its 1,70,00,000th Vehicle

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Skoda is one of the only automobile manufactures from Czech Republic. The automotive company was established in 1895 by Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement. Their headquarters were set at Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic. Today they have grown by leaps and bounds, they have strange global presence in several international markets as well.

The Czech manufacturer has now achieved a major milestone in automobile history. Skoda has manufactured its 1,70,00,000th vehicle, it was built at their headquarters in Mlada Boleslav. Their milestone car is Skoda's Rapid Spaceback and sports their Corrida Red paint scheme.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland, Skoda CEO, commented, "Producing 17 million vehicles since 1905 demonstrates the brand's strength and sustained success. Since 1991, when Skoda joined forces with Volkswagen, we have manufactured more than 12 million cars. Now, we can definitely say we are established in the ‘Champions League' of international volume manufacturers. Skoda will continue to grow over the coming years with new models."

Skoda's Jubilee Rapid Spaceback has been sold to a customer in Germany. In recent times the Czech manufacturer has showed great growth plan. During 2014 the automobile manufacturer produced and sold one million vehicle in a single calendar year, for the very first time in 120 years of existence.

In 1991 Skoda joined Volkswagen Group and have since then witnessed an upward movement in terms of growth. As of today they offer seven model series and 40 variants among models globally. Their aim is to achieve selling 1.5 million vehicles per year on a regular basis.

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