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Has the Superbike scene ripened in India? For an ample period of time, Indian bikers were pleased as punch with fuel efficient bikes. With the baptism of motorcycles optimized for speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, the biking turf has seen a shift in lean angles.

Speed thrills and riding a Superbike with the essential protection gear on apt road conditions will set a rider's pulse high! On that note, we scrutinize the most wanted Superbikes in India. Of Course, these performance oriented motorcycles don't come cheap, but if you are a powerslave, beyond shadow of doubt you wouldn't want to hold back from these most wanted Superbikes in India.

BMW S1000RR Hot As Hell!

BMW S1000RR Hot As Hell!

The BMW S1000RR also called K46 was first introduced by BMW Motorrad [German Manufacturer] to compete in 2009 World Superbike Championship. The race bike delivered over 200 horsepower and racing legends Troy Corser, Marco Melandri, Ruben Xaus, Ayrton Badovini are some of the big names who have raced on this superbike. It has come a long way since then and now is available in commercial production.

In India if you wish to get hold of this Superbike from BMW Motorrad, get ready to shell out close to INR 20 lakhs. Now the obvious question is in terms of performance & style what would you get?

From the style perspective let the photo speak for itself. From the performance front the BMW S1000RR will surely get you gripping the handlebars. It is powered by a 999cc inline-4 engine and churns out a whopping 193 horsepower. Click next to check-out the BMW S1000RR in action!

BMW S1000RR [Video]

Check-out this video to get a clear understanding of the BMW S1000RR acceleration. Yes this is the oldest trick in the world. However, have you seen a motorcycle doing this trick?

From Zero to 100kph in just 2.9 seconds. Don't try this at home.

Honda's Racing Replica

Honda's Racing Replica

The Honda CBR1000RR also called as the ‘Fireblade' was first introduced by Honda [Japanese Manufacturer] in 2004. The Fireblade replaced the Honda CBR954RR.

When this Superbike was introduced a lot of biking enthusiast considered it as a full fledged race machine. Honda had given serious thought behind the Fireblade's development. Honda got the same team who was behind the MotoGp Honda Race bike [RC211V] to develop the fireblade.

The Honda CBR1000RR is considered to be one of the best street and track superbike and has won numerous awards in this category [Cycle World's International Bike of the Year for 2008-09, Best Sportbike of the Year Award in Motorcycle USA Best of 2009, 2012 Cycle World shootout].

In order to lay your hands on this race inspired 150 horsepower beast get ready to shell out close to INR 14 lakhs. Do you like the Honda CBR1000RR? If you are wondering what are the other choices go through the slides >

Honda CBR1000RR [Video]

The Honda CBR1000RR is considered as an essential superbike. Here is a short video clip which showcases the stylish Fireblade on a closed racing circuit.

The Naked Mostro!

The Naked Mostro!

When Ducati [Italian Manufacturer] and designer Miguel Angel Galluzi got together, the Ducati Monster [Called as the Mostro in Italian] was born. If you are a naked bike lover, then there is no turning back, a Ducati Monster is a must have.

The Monster line has numerous variations and when it comes to India, the Ducati Monster 796 tops the list. The Monster 796 is said to be the perfect synthesis between sports performances, aesthetics and daily riding pleasure.

The Italians have given close attention to the smallest details on the Monster. We have fallen in love with the tubular steel trellis frame.

The Monster 796 is powered by the famous 87 horsepower Desmodromic L-Twins 803cc engine. To get control over a Monster 796 you would be required to shell out close to INR 8 lakhs. For now, Ducati offers the Monster 696, 795, 795 (ABS), 796, 1100, Monster Diesel and a 20th Anniversary Edition Monster in India.

Ducati Monster 796 [Video]

Here is a quick video about the Ducati Monster 796. Do you like its offerings? Have you ever ridden a Ducati Monster? If not we urge you to ride a monster and get a feel of true sports performance.

Burn Baby Burn!

Burn Baby Burn!

Yamaha V-Max is considered as the ultimate cruiser motorcycle. It came to existence when John Reed an English designer and Yamaha [Japanese Manufacturer] got together to build the ultimate muscle cruiser. This Yamaha cruiser has been around since 1985 however was christened as the V-Max in 2008.

The Yamaha V-Max is powered by a 1,679cc liquid cooled engine which produces 197.36 horsepower . We for sure love the torque of this cruiser and get ready to burn some rubber. The V-Max thrusts out 166 Nm of torque while the Honda CBR1000RR produces 105 Nm of torque.

The Yamaha V-Max is one of the most wanted Superbikes in India. Bollywood star John Abraham is gaga over his V-Max. If you want to join the list of Yamaha V-Max owners in India get ready to shell out INR 25 lakhs.

Yamaha V-Max [Video]

Here is a video pointing out as to why the V-Max can shed a lot of rubber. It is indeed one of the most sought after superbikes in India. Would you like to get hold of a Yamaha V-Max?

Pump Iron & Ride Like The Wind

Pump Iron & Ride Like The Wind

Harley Davidson [American Manufacturer] Some hate calling the Harleys a Superbike, we believe even the tail-wagger does not like calling it a Superbike. However, a Superbike simply means a performance bike. Thus the stylish Harley Davidson Iron 883 performance oriented sports cruiser has made it to this list.

The Indian Harley hamlet just loves the Iron 883. The Iron 883 is a pure Harley Davidson with no frills priced at INR 6.6 lakhs. To learn more, we insist you head to your nearest Harley Davidson dealer and ride her to really understand this lean stripped down machine.

Harley Davidson Iron 883 [Video]

Here is a video showcasing why the Iron 883 is pure Harley Davidson with no frills.

The Limit Is Yours

The Limit Is Yours

The GSX-R1000 is a Superbike from Suzuki [Japanese Manufacturer]. This Japanese rocket was introduced in 2001. The GSX-R1000 also called as the Gixxer replaced the GSX-R1100. The model name on this Superbike denotes the engine capacity which is roughly 1,000cc.

The Gixxer cranks out 191 horsepower and a heavy handed throttle is surely going to get the front wheel kiss the sky quite often. The Suzuki GSX-R1000 will cost you around INR 14 lakhs in India. If you are looking for a light and powerful Superbike the GSX-R1000 is a good choice.

Drifting comes with ease on a Gixxer, however make sure to hang-on. Don't believe us head to the next slide to witness the Suzuki GSX-R1000 in action.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 [Video]

500GP winner Simon Crafar talks about his passion for riding and why riding should not be about electronics. The all new Suzuki GSX-R1000 'The Limit Is Yours'

The Roman Emperor's Choice!

The Roman Emperor's Choice!

An Italian knows a thing or two about making stylish looking Superbikes. The RSV4 is manufactured by Aprilia in Milan, Italy. The RSV4 is the first V-4 four cylinder engine Superbike rolled out by Aprilia and was introduced in 2009.

To get a ride on the Aprilia RSV4 in India, you would be required to shell out close to INR 18 lakhs. The Aprilia RSV4 is a slugger and churns out 177 horsepower and 115 Nm of torque. Ask Max Biaggi [2012 Superbike World Champion] about the Aprilia RSV4 >

Aprilia RSV4 [Video]

Aprilia is a powerhouse when it comes to racing. Check-out this video which will give you some glimpse about the Aprilia RSV4 and their racing heritage.

Money On Your Mind!

Money On Your Mind!

For a start the Ninja family is not something new from Kawasaki [Japanese manufacture]. The momentyou hop onto the 650R you get the Ninja feel "An effortless Ride".

The Ninja 650R is powered by a 649cc which churns out 71 horsepower. To latch onto the Ninja 650R get ready to shell out INR 4.5 to 5 lakhs.

Kawasaki Ninja 650R [Video]

The 2012 Ninja 650 takes the power of seduction to new heights. Check out the 650R "Power Of Seduction" video.

Hell Yea I Need This One!

Hell Yea I Need This One!

To sum up > Do you own a Superbike or are you going to boast about your Superbike in the near future?

All my fellow bikers be cocksure, as the day is not too far when the world will get a load of you riding your favorite Superbike. For now keep the revs high and do let us know which of these Superbikes you itch to latch on to. Hope you enjoyed the adrenaline rush!

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