Skully AR-1 - The Future Of Motorcycling?

By Rajkamal

In the evolving world of technology, four wheelers are leap years ahead compared to two wheelers. Where motorcycles come with ABS and Traction control, modern cars come equipped with satellite navigation and heads up display.

Skully has now come up with a new helmet which features heads up display, integrated rear view and an inbuilt sat-nav in a helmet! This head gear loaded with technology is called the AR-1.

The helmet screen, that acts as the display itself, connects to the internet via a Bluetooth cell phone. You can also control your favourite music, send text messages, make calls and set or change the destination in the sat-nav on the go. All this is voice controlled.

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The helmet is lightweight, aerodynamic and the inner padding is laser cut to offer a great fit. The ventilation is fully adjustable, with an anti-fog and scratch visor.

All these features may be very convincing with regard to safety. Think again. As much as they keep your hands glued to the handlebar, think of where your mind will be. It's pure distraction.

For a rider, plain presence of mind is the most important. With features like the integrated rear view display constant on the visor, this could very easily confuse him. Listening to music, not a really good idea as well because the mind gets carried away.

What about features like answering the call when riding and exchanging text messages? It is as good as a crash. There is no point of riding a motorcycle. The voice guided sat-nav is the only advisable bit of gadget. That again, without the display disturbing your line of vision.


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Article Published On: Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 15:44 [IST]
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