Bajaj Auto Contemplating Revival Of Chetak Scooter

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India's largest manufacturer and seller of two-wheelers, Bajaj Auto has a lineup of products to be launched this year. At one point, the manufacturer dominated the scooter segment in India. This was prior to the launch of Honda and its Activa scooter, which has taken over leadership in scooter segment.

Now Bajaj Auto is planning of reviving the scooter segment in India with its own product. The best way for them to do this is by re-inventing their Chetak scooter, which was a popular choice back in the days. Indian manufacturer had stopped working on scooters and provided complete attention to the development of their motorcycles.

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The Chetak brand of motorcycle is a smart move by Bajaj Auto as it would create nostalgic value for the brand and surely there will be several takers for it. We expect them to maintain the overall styling of the vehicle, however underneath everything will be modern and up to date.

Bajaj stopped manufacturing scooters and announced in 2009 that they would be focusing solely on motorcycles. They dominated the scooter segment with its Chetak model, which was famous for its tagline ‘Hamara Bajaj'. People identified scooters as Chetaks and did not care much for any other brand.

We believe Bajaj Auto is taking cue from Italian scooter manufacturer Vespa. Vespa has ingeniously used their retro styling to promote its scooters. Their scooters have retro/classic styling, however, underneath it is modern and uses latest technology.

It is unclear when Bajaj Auto could revive the Chetak brand of scooters. We believe the Indian manufacturer will introduce their new scooter in some shape or form at the 2016 Auto Expo in New Delhi. In 2015, the Indian two-wheeler giant is planning to introduce six new motorcycles.

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