Upcoming Electric Scooters & Motorcycles In India – Future Sure Looks Electrifying

The demand for electric scooters and motorcycles are on the rise and many two-wheeler manufacturers are looking forward to introducing new electric two-wheelers.

That being said, it is no secret that two-wheeler manufacturers are at the beginning of a transition state and here's a list of the top upcoming electric scooters and motorcycles.

Simple One

Simple One is one of the most-awaited electric scooters in the country. The upcoming electric scooter not only comes packed with tech, but it also promises top-shelf powertrain units with a large battery pack. On top of that, the Simple One is expected to be a sporty electric scooter that rivals the likes of the Ather 450 range of electric scooters.

That being said, the launch of the Simple One electric scooter is closer than ever as the company has promised to commence the deliveries by the 1st quarter of 2023. However, it is worth mentioning that the company had earlier promised to commerce the deliveries of the Simple One electric scooters by July 2022, but it, unfortunately, kept on postponing.

Ola Electric Motorcycle

Ola Electric has witnessed tremendous success with the Ola S1 range of electric scooters in India. Now the startup EV maker is planning to launch its own electric motorcycle in the country and we expect this Ola electric motorcycle to feature a large battery pack and come loaded with many features.

However, it is yet to be known what type of electric motorcycle will be built by Ola Electric, but in a poll conducted by Mr Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric indicated that a majority of participants in the poll wanted the upcoming electric motorcycle to be a sporty motorcycle.

Husqvarna Electric Scooter

A while ago Bajaj confirmed that the company is looking forward to launching new two-wheelers in the EV segment. That being said, it is a very open secret that Bajaj is making maximum use of its partnership with KTM / Husqvarna to launch a new sporty electric scooter in the Indian EV space.

On top of that, the Husqvarna electric scooter based on the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter has also been spotted testing multiple times now. Moreover, this electric scooter is most likely to have an upgraded powertrain with a larger 5.5kWh battery pack and a more powerful 10kW electric motor.

Yamaha Electric Scooter

Yamaha is on the back foot when it comes to outright sales figures in the conventional scooter segment. However, the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer has a good chance in the future if it brings the right type of electric scooter to the fast-growing Indian two-wheeler market.

That being said, Yamaha is already testing a prototype electric scooter and more than a few electric scooters have been showcased to its top dealers in the country. However, Yamaha should pick up the pace of the development of its electric scooters if it plans to become a front-runner in the future.

Honda Electric Scooter

It is surprising to know the fact that Honda Two Wheelers India lacks electric scooters in its product portfolio. Not only the Japanese giant has the experience to make the very best electric scooter, but it also has all the technology in the world to do so. However, Honda has plans to launch a new electric scooter in the next year and numerous images of the Benly electric scooter have been doing rounds on the internet.

Thoughts About The Upcoming Electric Scooters

The demand for electric scooters in the Indian two-wheeler market is on the rise, and it is very understandable as fuel prices are on the rise. On top of that, electric scooters come with a lot of features and have huge subsidies from the government as well. That being said, two-wheeler manufacturers have started to push each other in the EV space as well.

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Article Published On: Friday, December 2, 2022, 17:12 [IST]
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